Friday, January 10, 2014

am I a genius?


No, Im not a genius. I do not think I am genius because I think I could know and learn a lot more things.

Someone can be a genius, in my opinion, by being very intelligent. Maybe using big and concise words would make him seem like a genius. If you get good grades in school like all A+ 's than you are probably a genius. Also, if you knew all there was to know then you are definitely a genius. I think that some people that are geniuses would normally be able to come up with answers to every question in front of them. Another way someone could become a genius is by being very good at something. It doesn't always have to reflect on school, but maybe in sports or art or some other hobby.

If I were to become a genius in a particular area, I would like it to be in softball. I believe that I could get far with it like many others in my family but I still think I have a lot of work to do to become a genius at it. I would have to know all there is to know about it and be able to do everything possible to do in softball. I think something that ties up with being a genius is that you have to want to learn more about it and have the compassion to want to be better at something so far as becoming a genius at it!

I think it is important to get good grades, to become a genius at anything, grades are very important! You have to have the heart to want to become a genius at that particular skill/hobby. You need to practice at getting better, because how I look at it, there is always room for improvement.

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