Thursday, December 5, 2013

Amazing Kids Series

A young girl named Alexandra Scott, came up with her own idea of helping to find a cure for the disease, Neuroblastoma(a type of cancer). Alex was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at a very young age of 1 years old! Alex's parents got the devastating news on Alexandra's 1st birthday! Alex got the idea to raise money by starting her own lemonade stand right in her yard! She raised 1 million dollars by the time she died at the age of 8. On Alex's first time at the lemonade stand, she raised 2,000 dollars! I think it is very interesting that she was able to come up with the idea to raise money by herself to find a cure for other kids!
A teen names Rena Meteja Walker-Burr started her own foundation to help the kids she saw that didn't have all that much and weren't that wealthy. She started the (KHK) Kids Helping Kids foundation. She started in 1st grade and raised $250 with the help of no adults! I think it is interesting that Rena was very unselfish and she cared a lot about others! All of this started with her helping the Wellsprings Family Services

A school in Australia, Drummoyne Public School started the SchoolAid foundation. The SchoolAid foundation benefits all people, globally that are going through a crisis. They raise money themselves, and do fundraising, to raise money for those in a tough place in their life. They raise money to buy things like: School clothes, school books, help to provide a shelter. Drummoyne school has raised over 2.5 million dollars and counting!! They got 230,000 participants, and over 1,500 school to join in with donating money and helping to raise money for those in need. The foundation has been going on for over 10 years now!
School in Australia. Drummoyne Public School

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