Monday, May 13, 2013

Blogging Challenge - Challenge 8

Blogging Challenge 

            I have many activities that I enjoy doing. I will say my top ten favorite things to do! I enjoy: Playing softball, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, going out with family, Watching movies, My favorite movie is "Remember the Titans"! I also enjoy going to church with my friends. I often like to imagine how my future will be in the future, I see myself playing collage softball and  going to collage to be a physical therapist. I also enjoy going to my cousins house to see my little   

                 Softball is like my life. I have been around softball ever since I was a baby with my two older sisters being in it and my mother used to be in it! I started playing softball when I was about 4 years old. I play on rec league teams which only involve me staying in my hometown. I also play travel league now that involves me going around my state to play! I hope to one day go to collage to play softball on a collage team like my older sister is! Me and my father are both pitchers and the main person that taught me and my sisters everything!



       I enjoy listening to music mostly because it calms me down. If I am ever in a bad mood I will go and listen to music! I like to listen to rap music and R&B music. I like artists like: Beaza, Tyga, Lil' Wayne, Justin Bieber, Hunter Hayes, etc. I will always have my iPod and earphones in my ears! I think that the main reason that music calms me down is because music is a way to express your feelings. I don't sing in front of people but I will when I'm alone because I also have to get my feeling out and it's a good way to by singing!


          Hanging out with my friends is also something I love to do! I like this because it gets me away from all my worries! My friends always know how to cheer me up and if I need to get something off my chest of what I'm thinking then I can tell them. When I'm with my friends I always make new memories and I will always be laughing when I'm with them! Friends are people that I can trust a lot and they help me get through any struggles I have!

        Family is a big part of my life. My family is huge; Filled with cousins, aunts, uncles, sisters and grandparents! If it weren't for my family I wouldn't be the person I am today! My friends help we when I'm down but not like my family does! Making memories with my family is very important to me because if you didn't have memories or love to share with your family then there is no purpose in having one! Going out to eat or the movies or anything with my family means a lot to me. My family does tease me and me and my sisters and parents fight A LOT, but I believe that it is all out of love. I have TONS of cousins that I can go to for anything and I have a lot of memories with all of them. I do believe that my family fights a lot more than normal families but, I know that my family is a lot closer together than normal families also. We all have each others back no matter what, if someone is picking on me or someone in my family they aren't just messing with that individual; they are messing with my WHOLE, HUGE family!


                  I really like to watch movies with family or even my friends! Whenever I am bored I can just go turn on a movie and it also relaxes me. I have tons of favorite movies and I have seen a lot of movies. If I really like a movie then I could watch it over and over again and it would never get old!! One of my favorite movies is "Remember the Titans". This movie is my favorite because it has a good story behind it! It's very inspirational also. It is about a football team that was very good and when they were on their way to a tournament they got in a plane crash and they all died! There were new coaches and they had to find a new team. There is a lot more to it than that. I think you all should watch the trailer on the link!

      I think strongly that people should go to church. Even if you never did as a little kid, because I never did! If you have the opportunity to go then you should use it because you might learn everything that people have to offer you. Church is very important to me because if you have a good life or even a rough life then you could always overcome the obstacles. I never went to church with my family but now I am different and I go without them. I go there with my cousin and I get to learn more about God and I get to see my friends! Not only is my youth group at church fun but I learn a lot from going there!

        Another one of my favorite things is to imagine me in the future as playing collage softball and going to collage to study in exercise science. I want to be a physical therapist when I grow up because I like to try to help people get back to doing the sports or anything that they love and had to give up! I decided the I wanted to be a physical therapist when my sister had to give up softball for a while when she tore her shoulder and had to get surgery on it. She had to get physical therapy to get back to playing softball. And now, because of the physical therapist that worked with her, she is now playing collage softball and perusing her dream. That is why I want to grow up to be a physical therapist!!

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