Thursday, March 7, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge

 Student Blogging Challenge.

Week of, 3/3-3/8
"Challenge 1"
Ten people I would like to meet.
Jennie Finch (Women's fast pitch softball player) - I would ask her,  what made her want to be in the game of softball?

Justin Bieber (Singer)- Question: What motivates you everyday to be a singer?

Hunter Hayes (Singer)- Question: Who is your main motivator throughout your singing carreer?

Logan Lerman (Actor)- Question: Why do you like to act?

 Cat Osterman (Women's fast pitch softball player)- Question: How long have you been playing pitcher?

  Tyga (Rapper)- Question: What ispired you to sing rap?

 Drake (Rapper)- Question: Who is your main motivator?

Benjamin Lasnier (Tumblr Boy)- Question: When did you decide to join Tumblr?

Channing Tatum (Actor)- Question: How long have you been acting for?

Jenna Marbles (You-tuber)- Question: Why do you enjoy making videos on Youtube?


  1. Sydney I like your blog a lot I agree with the people you chose and the question you would ask them.