Friday, March 22, 2013

Blogging Challenge - Challenge 3

Blogging Challenge
Challenge 3
Get Creative 
10 ways to use a sock with holes in it.
1. Clean with it
2. Use it as a puppet
3. Make a phone cover
4. Use it for your pets
5. Use it to clean cars and bikes
6.  Turn them into leg warmers
7.  Use them for doll clothes
8.  A dog toy
9.  Stuffing pillows
10.  Make a homemade hacky sack


  1. Hi my name is Emma and I am live in New Zealand and I'm 12 years old that is so funny how you can use an sock that is so funny well hey there is my blog address

    1. Hi Sydney, Miss H here. I've just signed in to let Emma publish her comment as she doesn't have a Google account.
      Your blog looks fantastic and I love your ideas for the sock challenge!