Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blogging Challenge - Challenge 2

Blogging Challenge
Freedom of Choice

I am going to write about Softball. Softball to me is more than just a game, it's my life. I have been playing the game of softball for 9 years now. I would say the I have been on over 6 teams! Ever since I have been playing this sport my father has been my coach. My sister is my motivator because she is now going to collage for softball. My desire is to go to collage for softball and maybe make a career of it. I play pitcher mostly all the time. The two main people I wish to be like and that I look up to are Cat Osterman and Jenni Finch. They both play in fast pitch on team U.S.A. Softball is my favorite sport because I love to play it and I have been around it for all my life with my cousins and sisters. I have high hopes for my softball career and I hope to accomplish them one day!

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